Mindfulness Meditation Group (with George Chaput): This is a 50 minute silent meditation, which is broken up into 3 segments. Mindfulness meditation helps you to clear your mind, and cultivate a deep sense of inner peace. This class is being offered to our community weekly on Tuesday at 5:15 (by donation).

Svaroopa Yoga (with Michelle McKnight): This 90 minute class is suitable for all students. Svaroopa Yoga is gentle, and done with the support of blankets to allow your body to align and release tension. This class will help you to relax and nurture yourself! We now offer OFFICIAL SVAROOPA® YOGA BLANKETS.

Hatha Yoga, Just Yoga, Mindful Yoga, Be Peace Yoga and Balanced Union Yoga (with Ricky Snide, Jr. and/or Neiley Rushford Snide)
Renew your mind, body and spirit with us! Feel comfortable to be yourself as you explore the building blocks of Yoga through the practice of Breath work, Asana (postures) and Mindfulness. These classes are suitable for all level students.

Yoga and Pilates (with Cheryl Hughes)
Cheryl’s passion comes through in all the classes that she teaches.  Her Kripalu based classes are suitable for beginner and all level students.

Community Yoga  (with Zachary Keegan)
Our Community classes are offered by donation. Pay what you can! These classes are suitable for all level students.